Imagine owning your dream home with a beautiful modern kitchen, a big & bright bathroom & a cozy warm basement. Every room, every surface, every corner is just right.

This dream can easily become your reality.

Your home may be your most precious financial asset. That’s why it’s important to find the right contractor that fits the needs and budget for your home improvements. Established in 2002 in Ste. Anne Manitoba, Kraf-Tech Home Renovations Ltd. continues to provide quality home renovation and cottage construction within Manitoba as well as to neighboring provinces.

Whether you’re planning an addition for a growing family, renovating your basement or remodelling your kitchen and bathroom Kraf-Tech Home Renovations is your Manitoba based complete interior and exterior renovation company. We can help you with every phase of your renovation project. At Kraf-Tech Home Renovations, we handle all types of home renovation projects. Whether it’s a new roof, a new kitchen, energy saving improvements and more, we’ve got it covered.