Soffit, Fascia, Eavestroughs

Rain and Ice water drain neatly away from your doorways and walkways with a Kraftech Eavestrough installation. A vented soffit provides air circulation to your attic and roof and a solid fascia to complete the look. Kraftech installs continuous eaves and no-maintenance soffits and facia to compliment your home and your individuality. Soffits reduce the impact of the elements on your home, while saving your money, conserving energy and ventilating your attic.

Metal Roofing

Kraftech Home Renovations will install metal roofing with the perfect synergy of prestigious style and brute strength. Metal roofing can be installed over your existing roof reflecting radiant heat from the sun to increase energy efficiency, save you money and increase your home’s value.

With a metal roof installed by Kraftech Home Renovations you’ll have a wide selection of profiles and colors, your roof will have a longer life, resist fire, mildew, insects, rot , wnd and all with an outstanding 30 year warranty.

Siding and Insulation

Re-siding & Insulating is a perfect opportunity to significantly increase your home’s resale value, as well as maximize energy efficiency, and it’s a perfect way to achieve a moisture free environment. Maintenance free beauty, winter warmth and energy savings can be yours with quality siding and insulation by Kraftech Home Renovations.

Energy efficiency is lost due to the heat or cold air penetrating the exterior walls of your home. By using vinyl siding with insulation, you can actually reduce the amount of energy lost through your exterior walls, by as much as 20%!

Siding & insulation, by Kraftech Home Renovations, will improve the appearance of your home. You will enjoy increased curb-appeal & you may never paint again.

Easy financing for siding and insulation, by Kraftech Home Renovations, is available through the Manitoba Hydro Program.

Windows and Doors

Windows are a huge source of air leakage. Ineffective windows, like single pane windows, can have an enormous impact on heat loss resulting in higher heating costs. However during our hot summers the problem is reversed. Sun can penetrate through windows and increase the temperature indoors, requiring higher cooling costs.

High-performance windows & doors, by Kraftech Home Renovations, work equally well at keeping the heat out in the summer months as they do at keeping the cold out during the winter months. In addition to preventing heat loss and reducing energy bills high-performance windows & doors, by Kraftech Home Renovations, will decrease fossil fuel consumption, carbon emissions and regulate the temperature of the space. It can also decrease exterior noise and prevent fine dust and pollen particles from travelling in from the outdoors. Heated spaces can also maintain higher humidity levels, which results in better air quality and personal comfort.

Saving energy, saving money and beautifying your home is simple with the craftsmanship of a Kraftech Window and Door installation. We’re proud to offer a range of window improvements such as Casement, Sliders, Awning, Bow and Bay Windows and additions. Sidelites and overheads add elegance to your entrance ways and unique appeal for your door.

Easy financing for siding and insulation, by Kraftech Home Renovations, is available through the Manitoba Hydro Program.